Tap into The Collective Genius
  • Data-Driven Research

    You have a vision to share but what does your audience want? How can you truly deliver optimal results efficiently – and with real heart? We bring you decades of experience in facilitation, research and strategic planning, as well on-line and live experiments that capture ideas and passions.

    Unique Engagement Approaches

    The secret to successful reinvention lies in asking questions. Questions that ignite creativity, spur energy and invite shared learning. We help you find the right mix of people, approaches and probing inquiries that lead to the best outcomes.

    The engagement tools we use include The Art of Hosting, World Cafe, Appreciative Inquiry, Open Space Technology, and Circle. These are some of the same techniques used by major manufacturers to market products across the world.

  • Effective Content

    In today’s rapidly changing, internet-linked global marketplace, you need bold, broad communications strategies to make your vision viral, not just your video. Crafting a message that will be heard takes work. Content-effective communication is about being smarter with what you say, when and where you say it, and who you say it to.

    Greater Common Good

    Complacency isn’t an option, no matter your success. We seek out smart companies – and smart leaders – who understand that value is measured by economics and impact on society.

    Capitalism can drive social change. Social change can produce profit. It’s about relationships and mutual growth. We apply lessons from the past, specifically collaboration and cooperation.